Sunday, August 19, 2007


So we've been a little quiet lately over here at the Davis household. Part of that is because Brian finished up his classes last week and we've taken advantage of his break to get away from the house and out into the state (more about that in the next post, hopefully coming soon) and we very purposely have left the computers behind. (And despite what you might have guessed, I only got the shakes a couple of times. :-) )

But we have also both been felled by a pesky bug. After helping him through it earlier in the week I seem to have (as often happens) been hit by a double strength version of it on the rebound. It arrived like a ton of bricks when we were at a party last night and I barely made it home. I've spent most of today vaguely feverish with a beach ball for a head, a pressure cooker in my ears and sinuses and an elephant sitting on my chest. Bleh.

In my altered state I didn't find the energy to write up a post about our exploits over the past week. But hopefully I'll be able to get around to it tomorrow or the next day, cuz we've been having fun.

Off to curl up on the couch and moan pathetically again....



elpelso said...

Get well soon !!!

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