Monday, July 09, 2007

Warning: Take Care Handling Sharp Objects!

Kids, Don't Try This At Home
(I can't touch a knife these days without blood gushing yet somehow Brian is able to stab open a can of oily tuna fish with a butcher knife and come away unscathed. Unfair. )
photo: Nida, Lithuania

So I've been getting a lot more into cooking over the past year and have been increasingly enjoying it as both my culinary knowledge and technical skills have improved. However there's some weird mojo going on at the moment. I don't know if Jupiter is aligned with Mars, if there's a bad moon rising, or if I'm just dealing with the bad karma from a previous life.

Over the past two weeks I have either cut or burned myself (or both!) just about every other time I've tried to cook or prepare anything. My fingers currently are a mix of bandaids, scabs and scars. I have no idea what I'm doing differently or why this is suddenly happening. But it's getting ridiculous. Soon I'm not going to have any fingers left!

Here's hoping I snap out of it before I permanently do my digits in!



BD said...

And if on cue...

I sliced my finger wide open cutting open a bagel for lunch. Will it ever end?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I about stabbed myself with a knife after reading this post! What do we have to look forward to next, a blog entry about your decision making process about what clothes to wear in the morning? You could at least crank out a formula "Yay, Oden is coming to Portland!" post. The thousands of regular readers of this blog have high standards for you, B&B! :)