Thursday, June 28, 2007

Giveth and taketh away...

I know. Three posts in three days after none in three months. A flurry of creativity.

So Becca and I had a great start to the day; went running up in Forest Park and had a nice breakfast out before heading home to do some work in advance of class as well as look over a few items my boss-to-be had sent me.

Upon reaching the house, I got quite a surprise. An email from my boss-to-be saying my position's funding had fallen through. So in the 30 seconds it took to read the email I went from ready to jump into a new position that I was fairly excited about to being right back at square one. Very disappointing and frankly a hard hit to take. A bit of levity was had though when the temp agency called to give me an update that the paperwork was still getting sorted out and I gave THEM an update.

So I'm back to square one in the job search. The good news is that I have connections out at the Swoosh and I'm continuing to look out there. I'm also going to start branching back out again for other options. In the meantime the silver lining and that Becca and I can leave early on Friday for our anniversary weekend.

More next week-


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