Thursday, May 31, 2007

the joys of techonology... has been pointed out that after I posted the entry saying I was about to post a bunch of new stuff, I disappeared again. Bad me. In my defense, I do have 3 entries in draft form in blogger. But yesterday I told myself I was going to finish one and get it posted no matter what.

So I wrote something. Hated it. Rewrote it. Hated it a little less. Rewrote it again and finally decided it was ready to post. Yay! Reread it one more time and saw a couple of typos/small changes. Tried to go back and make the change and some bug/hiccup in blogger somehow erased all the saved versions and disappeared the whole thing.





So now I'm starting over trying to remember what I had in the final version that I liked. Hopefully that won't take as long to throw back together and I can post it soon.


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