Sunday, April 01, 2007

The one where we don't go for laughs...

After last year's controversial April Fools post (which thanks to time zones got posted March 31st, adding to the controversies), we are understandably a little gun shy about trying again in so public a forum.

Besides, we've got enough going on in our lives right keeping it interesting that we don't need to make anything up. The traveling-to-settling transition continues along its deliberate pace. Somehow I thought this would go faster, but really, I guess there's no reason it needs to. We're getting there step by step. And something I would hope that I'd have learned from the trip is not be looking ahead to the "when we get there" stage, but instead to enjoy (or in the non-enjoyable moments, at least appreciate) the experience of the actual journey.

With a quasi-permanent place to live (at least in the short term), and a quasi-permanent job for Brian (hopefully it becomes fully so this fall), we're well on our way there. And I now have an exit strategy/transition plan for my work with Boston Scientific as well, which will mean an end to the cross-country commuting in the next few weeks. That'll be a real relief and will allow me to start developing a routine here (exercise, grocery shopping, hobbies...all those good things) as well as give me some time to finally begin my job search here.

So we enter into April looking forward all kinds of new adventures, even without the imminent pitter-patter of little feet.

:-) Becca

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Anonymous said...

So, reading between the lines, I guess you're saying that . . . you're pregnant!