Friday, March 09, 2007

Just Did It!

Just to announce that as of Wednesday, March 14th, Brian will be back in the land of the employed! And not only that, but at his first choice company: NIKE.

Like over 40% of the employees there have done, he is starting as a contract worker and planning/hoping to leverage that into a permanent position at the end of the project. Evidently that's how Nike does a significant part of its hiring.

We're excited to be taking this next step towards finally being settled somewhere. Thanks to all for the support you've been giving us in this process.

Now he just has to figure out whether he can bike to the light-rail station....


(Note from the actual employee-to-be: I'm really excited about the opportunity. I'm overqualified for the position I'm going to be in but everyone has said just "get a foot in the door" and impress. This gives me a low-risk opportunity to do just that. Plus, the actual position allows me to do a little bit of good for the world: I'm going to be working with marketing and community outreach for the Nike factory stores helping run their grant programs. In speaking with my boss to be there is going to be a definite opportunity to expand my role as I prove myself. Expand it enough and they won't be able to get rid of me :-))

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