Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A drawback of working at home...

There are admittedly plenty of positives of working out of the home. Casual dress code, "flexible" hours, a crazy greyhound with questionable digestive issues always wanting to go for a walk, etc. However, it also leaves you wide open for...

Jehovah's Witnesses.

J&L's place is full of windows, which usually provide tons of natural sunlight but in this case left me nowhere to hide. The two men in their 60's were nice enough (well the one was; the other was definitely wanting to do some convertin') but it was like trying to get two car salesmen off the front porch. They were obviously trying to get in the door but between myself and the dog we had the entryway pretty well blocked. I did tell them I'm take one of their pamphlets, which are related to this website.

Just a random little story for the day. We apologize for not updating the site a little more often. Becca and I are both working on entries so hopefully we'll get something new up soon. In the meantime, enjoy the works of a Dutch Master.



Anonymous said... must be the season. we usually work from home with same "yes, look in!" window setup. the thing is, where we live, you really have to hoof it if you're going to do door-to-door.

our gent was in his 60's, and wanted to know if we believed that truth was important. i make it a point to add heaping spoonfuls of "Vicious Lies" and "Misrepresentation" to my morning coffee. that, and malted milk.


Steven said...

I always thought it was enough to say you'd just given blood... Or am I confusing religions here ?