Monday, September 11, 2006

Where do we go from here?

We set up this blog over 18 months ago both to serve as a journal for ourselves as well as hopefully something that would keep our friends and family entertained and abreast of our adventures abroad. Hopefully with 255 entries and 3,987 pictures it has done just that. Or at the very least given most of you an excuse to step away from your spreadsheets, phone calls, lesson plans, etc. on occasion.

However, now that we're back in the States, the question arises. Whither the blog? We considered ending it with the completion of the trip and our return to Portland. That just didn't seem fair though; despite our international travel being done for now our adventure is just beginning. It's a little less sexy now; there are jobs to be found, moves to be made, homes to find and most importantly parties to be planned. But as our adventures continues (and takes all sorts of twists and turns as more people are IN THE FUTURE added to the picture) so will our updating of the site. It may be a little less exotic but hopefully it will be as interesting.

We hope everyone has enjoyed the journey to date and we hope that you'll be with us as we reenter life in America and tackle what the road ahead has to offer.

Becca and Brian

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