Friday, August 11, 2006

Things overheard in the Outback...

"My name is Sebastian. Like the happy crab in Little Mermaid"
-Sebastian introducing himself

"It's Brokeback Mountain!"
-Wei Leng in response to a picture taken of Thorsten and Sebastian and their matching bush ranger hats.

"Look, it's Dr. Who!"
-Our friendly, less-than-sober Queenslander at first sight of Sebastian in the William Creek Pub. All three of us who'd heard of Dr. Who were in disbelief that we hadn't made the connection first.
"Oohh! Oohh! I take video!"
-Seh Leng after catching Drew taking a bathroom break on the side of the road by the Dingo Fence.

"I have good news and bad news"
-Brian to Becca after losing my wedding ring in the hot springs.

"I got it! This was easy!"
-Wei Leng after getting a math sequence that made the rounds in the truck. To be fair, she got it without a hint but it did take her three days to do it, making the easy part a little less believable.
"Big Rock"
-Thorsten upon seeing Uluru.

"Dancing and drinking"
-Chu in response to Brian's inquiry as to what she liked best about South Korea

"Mind weak, body strong"
-Seh Leng's reasoning for not walking quicker to catch sunset at Uluru.

-Seh Leng, Wei Leng, Jenny and Becca's answer to Chu's query as to the definition of scatterbrained.

"We are the champions... we are the champions"
-The back of the bus singing along to Queen on our way to the Western MacDonnell ranges.

"I'm too full to dance" -Seh Leng
"You're too full! I'm the one who ate two meals!" -Chu
-Exchange overheard on the dance floor the final night after Che had eaten a plate of lamb shanks and a big bowl of Laksa, hit the dance floor and didn't stop until 2:30 am and only then when the place closed down.

"Do brown and blue go together?"
-Elena's fashion question to the group about halfway through the trip. The question did actually involve a brown shirt, not just any other random piece of clothing which had turned brown by this point.

and finally...

"Germans DO NOT like The Hoff"
-Thorsten's impassioned defense of German culture when David Hasselhoff came up. Sorry Thorsten but by referring to him as "The Hoff" me thinks you might be hiding something...

Brian & Becca

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Vagablonde Bombchelle said...

-Seh Leng, Wei Leng, Jenny and Becca's answer to Chu's query as to the definition of scatterbrained.

And he doesn't even know me...