Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A plethora of posts... (updated 8/14)

(Less than) two weeks and counting until we arrive back in the States and we have a monster backload of posts. Plus in a day or so we'll be pretty much done posting for awhile. Our good Danish friends Michael and Jannie are arriving in Sydney on their honeymoon and we get to hang out with them for a day or two. Then we'll be off to Fiji, where, I'm sure you'll all understand, we'll have better things to be doing than spending hours on the internet.

We know that most of you have work and lives and don't have lots of time to read the blog and that it has worked out best when we put a little bit up at a time, instead of dropping heaps on you. But over the next two days we're hoping to get the rest of our backlog up. We'll try and let you know how many posts there are so you don't miss any of them, but feel free to ration them out until we land in California and can update folks.

We're very thankful that the British police were on top of the latest terror ring (especially as we would have been flying back to the States on the planned day of the attack) and will be interested to see how much that affects our experience getting home.

Enjoy the posts!


NEW POSTS TODAY (updated 8/14):

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