Saturday, August 12, 2006

No more complaining here....

Over the past few weeks both on the site and in emails to various friends and family, we'd be complaining about our lot in life. You know, world travel is so rough, we're ready to be home, we're really tired, etc. Although we garnered zero sympathy from the peanut gallery (all usually responding from their cubicles) it was getting tough; we were just running out of gas and being on the more touristy East Coast of Australia were having a difficult time just finding a place to relax and recharge our batteries.

Thankfully in our final two weeks in Australia, we found that place. (Thanks SO much to Karla and Darren for the recommendation!) We contemplated actually not mentioning it because we were amazed a place could be so close to the mainland and easy to get to, and yet be so underdeveloped and scarcely populated. But in the end, it's really worth mentioning...

Come closer so that we can at least whisper it: Great Keppel Island.

Didn't catch that? Okay, we'll repeat it; we just don't want the place to get too crowded and popular: Great Keppel Island

We spent the last four plus days here. Had we not already had a plane reservation for Brisbane it would have been more. It quickly became one of our favorite places on the trip if only for the reason that we were able to actually achieve that elusive total relaxation, spending our time walking the beach, sea-kayaking, throwing a disc on the beach, reading a book or playing cards on the deck of our tent and generally doing nothing. Pretty much everything we hope our pit stop in Fiji provides us; it will be interesting to see if it can compare.

So finally we found some relaxation in the busy homestretch of this trip. In short, we're recharged and ready to try our hands at tackling the surf of Byron Bay.


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