Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Third Anniversary... ???

A few thoughts as we mourn the unjust passing of the Socceroos from the World Cup:
1) We haven't forgotten about the website.  Really.  We've just been away from computers more often than not lately so expect an influx of new blog entries and pictures in the next few days.  Feast or famine with us.  You know the drill.
2) The reason you the reader will be receiving such a big influx is because from July 3-12 we'll be off doing a 10 day trip in a 4WD in the Outback.  If you want to check out where we'll be going, click here.  We're excited about it though we're curious to see how we'll do with ten other people for ten days.  From there we stick around Alice Springs for a few days before heading to Darwin.  Trust me, we have a very good reason to be sticking around the outback.
3) We've spent the last four days or so driving down the southern coast of Victoria and have loved it.  Beautiful scenery along the Great Ocean Road and lots of cute little places to stop at along the way.  Current location is The Grampians, a major national park in inland Victoria.  Got some great hiking done in between rainstorms yesterday.
4) When we originally planned the direction we were doing Australia, we contemplated doing the east coast (Barrier Reef, beaches, etc.) first.  We're very glad we chose to go the other way.  We've had a fantastic time visiting friends and the weather has got colder and wetter here in Victoria.  Would not want to be coming this direction in August.
5) We spent an evening working on a resumes a few days ago.  It's really the first substantial nod towards reentry (T minus two months and counting) and honestly it actually felt good to be working on it.  Guess we might be a bit travel weary at this point after all.
6) We celebrated our second wedding anniversary last night.  Our first was spent with our Danish friends in Copenhagen.  Our second was spent hiking during the day (with Becca getting wild Kangaroo sightings as her anniversary present) and then having a high class meal of Mac and Cheese and  VB Stubbies with chocolate ice cream bars for dessert.  Any predictions from the peanut gallery as to where we might spend our third?
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Anonymous said...

All right, I'll say it:

I predict your third anniversary will be spent in the maternity ward.


Anonymous said...

Laughing all the way from West Linn, Lincoln!:)

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the oregon coast...