Friday, May 12, 2006

Weekend Update

Hello all-

Sorry no Dennis Miller jokes here. Just a quick update from Dunedin, a cool university town on the south island.

We're here to visit some close friends (more on that later) and to meet Becca's Mom! She arrives tomorrow morning and will spend the next three weeks exploring New Zealand with us.

Expect updates to be spotty for a while (though they will happen sooner than later). To keep you occupied we have posted entries from our hike on Fox glacier as well as a brief photo montage of "Middle Earth" and put up a ton of new pictures on Flickr, including those on Fox Glacier, New Zealand scenery, and Milford Sound.


Becca and Brian

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Anonymous said...

Please tell Molly that Susie says to have a great time - We'll miss her at reunion, but I'm jealous that she is in that wonderful place with you all!!

Hugs to all,