Friday, April 14, 2006

Jingjing and Chacha foiled!

Who are Jingjing and Chacha you ask?

These are Jingjing and Chacha, the lovable characters the Chinese Internet police (police=jingcha hence the names) use to make sure you're not reading democratic musings, the non-sanitized news or other important things like porn. They've been our foil during our time in China; as a result we've been unable to check out OUR blog (or anything with a blogspot address) since we crossed the border.

However, thanks to some kindly Belgian folks we met here in Lijiang, we've finally got the weapon to defeat the mighty anime forces of Jingjing and Chacha. It serves as a proxy and allows you to surf to your hearts content without having to worry about the Chinese hunting you down. Of course, an anonymous web savvy contact of ours has also pointed out that it's a popular tool amongst pedophiles as well. So if you're going to use it, please use it for good.

Posts about Lijiang and our trek to Tiger Leaping Gorge to come.


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Anonymous said...

cute little jing-cha :P