Saturday, April 01, 2006

Becca clears things up (with an eyeroll at her mischevious husband)

Hey folks....

Given the number of comments and responses to the previous post, I thought I'd better step in quickly and point something out. LOOK AT THE DATE OF THE POST (and remember we have time zone challenges messing things up a little).

So many people predicted (even urged) that I would get pregnant during the trip that Brian thought he'd have a little bit of fun. (Remember, this is the same guy who PROPOSED to me on April Fools Day).

We are still unencumbered (and the ice cream in China isn't very good anyway).

The little ones will come, but we're going to wait 'til we return to the relative sanity and healthcare of home....


PS. Linc0ln? You're still wrong


Steven said...

Good one, Brian & Becca... Probably the best one I heard today... But since you are not going to India, and therefore left the pleasures of their most famous book for another trip... Good luck anyway !!!

Vagablonde Bombchelle said...

We were going to try the same trick on the gang... and were quickly told that no one would believe us!

Food poisoning and morning sickness... sounds like a good combination for a long trip ;-)

Anonymous said...