Saturday, February 25, 2006

State of the Davis

Since we've received a number of "so when are you guys coming back?" emails, we thought we'd give people a brief update of where we're still planning on going before arriving back in the States.

Currently: In Vietnam. Visiting Hanoi and outlying areas. Getting our Chinese Visa (surprisingly not on the combo menu).

Early March-Mid April: Six weeks in China. Itinerary to be sorted out along the way but likely to include SW China, Xi'an, Bejiing, most likely Shanghai, Hong Kong and a ton of places in between. Coolest part of this for me is traveling overland from Vietnam.

Mid April-End of May: Fly from HK to Sydney and then onto New Zealand. Spend the time hiking, visiting folks we know, exploring the two islands and playing tourist with Becca's mom who is coming to visit.

June-Mid August: Fly from NZ back to Sydney. Spend two(ish) months exploring Australia with a possible side trip to Indonesia along the way. Visit more friends and give Becca her introduction to the Outback.

Mid-August-August 23rd: Fiji for nine days. Nothing else to say really.

August 23rd: Arrive in LA and hope they let us back in. If they don't, we get the hint and use our open ticket to London.

After that: Such a good question. We certainly don't have any idea yet. Any suggestions are welcome in the comments area below.

Of course, like life this entire plan is subject to change. As Becca likes saying we might find someplace where we can sell Yak Butter and live in a Yurt. If that happens, we're there.

In the meantime, we're off to Halong Bay tomorrow for an overnight trip. Also, many thanks to the former mayor of Fallujah, Iraq for the wonderful lunch.



Anonymous said...

OK, guys...I just spent the past five minutes goofing off looking at the Pacific Yurts website and I am SOOOO with you! What do you think the margins are like on Yak Butter anyway?


Anonymous said...

i can hook you up with a yurt, but yaks...our neighbor up the road has some funky-looking goats. how 'bout that?

sorry to hear about the camera, but it sounds like you're doing well otherwise. yummmm...fresh springrolls. yummmm... get dinner. cheers! and as always, stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Go to Singapore if you can if you are looking at sidetrips!!! We'll recommed a place to stay and you MUST go to the Night Safari - the coolest zoo experience ever.

And write before you go to Fiji - we'll share our tidbits.

:-) Danielle and Ryan