Tuesday, January 10, 2006

One Traveler's Eating Rules...

...brought to the forefront after having the worst fried rice EVER today. In Asia. It's like some small god wanted me to get sick again. And that includes 8+ years of midwestern asian cuisine::

1) If there locals are eating there, it must be good. Or at the very least authentic. Goes from everything from Lao cuisine to the truck stop slingin' biscuits and gravy.
2) No more than one continent per restaurant. Please. Special dispensation for fusion places as long as there is a strong immigrant contingent (northwest/asian being a perfect example).
3) If there are supposed to be sides to a traditional dish, they better be out on the table. I call this the "Malt Vinegar damn well better be at the table for my Fish n' Chips & Guinness" rule.
4) If you're in a foreign country, start with the markets/food stands/family run shops first then work your way up the expense food chain.

With some careful looking, there's bound to be a tasty treat at a cheap price. Our biggest disappointments in Asia have been the more expensive places. Tailored WAY too much for tourist taste and nowhere near the real thing.

That's all. End of public service announcement. Time to go stalk some locals for some tasty food. Any additions/comments are welcome.


PS Random piece of humor for those ro-sham-bo fans out there...

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