Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sawatdee from Bangkok!

Letting the faithful readers know we have successfully touched down in Bangkok.  Plan on spending the next 5-6 days here sightseeing and doing some planning for the rest of our visit to Thailand.

Couple of quick thoughts:
- British Airlines excellent.  American Airlines sucks. Easiest flight I've ever had (despite it being over 11 hours) compared to the no-sleep inferno we had coming over to Europe.
- While landing we noticed that there is a golf course situated in between two of the major runways.  And they say golfers are wimps about noise!
- As we were walking around town, we heard what sounded like dogs barking from the apartments above.  Either a lot of pets or there's a decent chance we eat Fido in the next four months.
- For anyone visiting Thailand on their own, getting into Bangkok proper was very easy.  With just a little work you can find the affordable taxi, hotel, etc.
- Just had a tasty dinner of fried seafood with garlic and pepper and tom kha gai (spicy coconut chicken soup) for under $5.  Total.  Me thinks our budget is going to be a little happier here.
- Of course choosing dinner was difficult as we were walking past all these tasty food vendors with their wares filling the air. 
More later!


Vagablonde Bombchelle said...

Get a Thai Massage.... don't get a Thai foot massage.

Skip Phuket, go to one of the islands (that survived)

Watch out for street vendors... there are lots of bacteria (okay, even not with street vendors) that would never hurt a Thai but our little american bodies just can't handle.

Take a canal ride in a long boat.

Gosh, I can't think of anything else... enjoy the warm weather... we're getting slammed with snow!

Anonymous said...

The Fort Snelling Golf Course is right next to the airport, and suffers from frequent flight-path-related problems. Probably the worst course I've ever played, though. Heh.