Thursday, November 17, 2005

Get your hot new blog updates!

Updates from our secret internet hideaway.

Brian has put a couple of short sports posts up.

In the interests of getting you more to read on a regular basis instead of long droughts punctuated by a huge pile of long entries, we have decided to post things as we get them written, instead of worrying about them going up in chronological order as we have experienced them. We figured you would forgive us the randomness.

So today, we have posted the entries for the hilarious Level D football championship we attended on the Cinque Terre and for our weekend with good friends on the French Riviera.

We also have all the pictures from Cinque Terre and Florence up on Flickr, even if they aren't yet linked to a blog post. Just go to our locations photo page (link on the right) and search for those tags. (or, since they are the most recent, you can always go to the chronological page as well)

Finally, we have loaded the pics from the earlier entry about the Dottore university celebrations we witnessed in Padua. (See entry from here). You can get to them all here; let's just say they caused our eyes to widen a bit....

Hope you all are well. Enjoy.

More coming soon.


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