Thursday, October 06, 2005

Update with real new blogging!

We're fresh from a night of rest in Seville, Becca's Mom is safely back in Oregon after 2 1/2 weeks of traveling with us young'uns and we're cranking away at the internet cafe so you the reader FINALLY have something new to read other than giant squid articles.

As a result a bunch more pictures are up (check it out via our revamped link to the right), there are blog entries up for Paris, Northern France, Southern France and Barcelona and more in the hopper (including both of our thoughts on the sport of bullfighting). Hoping to use the next few days to recharge the batteries and get caught up with the blog. Thanks for hanging with us; it's a little tough to justify computer time when people come across the pond to visit :-)


PS Hope the Minnesota contingent is all ok, safe and above water after reading this.

PPS. For those who haven´t already worked through this: when you´re trying to check out the pics on Flickr (and you´re not hi-tech enough to be using an RSS feed), you have two basic options. You can view a tag (or if you´re masochistic, the whole thing) in a slide show, which gives you a smoother, easier flip through the shots, but it doesn´t show the slide titles or any of the explanatory comments that Becca slaves over. Or you can click on them one by one (using the Previous or Next links in the upper right) to see all the commentary, but that can be slow and kind of a pain. The best compromise might be to use the slide show and then click on any picture that particularly interests or confuses you. When you click on it, it momentarily stops the slide show and shows the info associated with the pic, then allows you to restart the slide show. Happy viewing!

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marlynn said...

I'm an idiot. I forgot you guys had a blog! I'll visit more often now :) Sounds like you two are enjoying life on the go. Can't wait to check out the photos now!