Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hold please.......


Sorry for the delay in posts.

My mom has been visiting and we have been enjoying her company instead of spending our spare time amongst shower-deprived teenagers playing shoot-em up games in scary basement internet/gaming centers.

However we are currently taking a couple of hours to hide from the hot mid-day sun in Toledo (1 hr south of Madrid, not in Ohio) while every one else takes a siesta to try and work on blog entries from France and Spain and start posting pictures. We´re way behind, so things should show up in fits and starts.

Until then, you can stretch your imagination with this story:


ps. Brian says, ¨Go Sox!¨"

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Anonymous said...

Allright. Who in our webverse knows the HTML to nip this blogspamming in the bud? Drop us a note if you know how...