Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pitstop to Refuel

Becca and I took a day out of our Vienna experience and took the train up the Danube to Durnstein. This is one of the cities that Becca's brother Jon and his wife Lori went to on their honeymoon and the location from which they'd brought us back some tasty apricot liqueur. Being so close we had little choice but to visit the town and refill our supply :-)

We spent a wonderful sunny day just relaxing and enjoying the small town atmosphere. In between tourist groups (they came into town by the hordes from the Danube boats) we were able to spend the morning relaxing, checking out the town, and doing some reading (we're both currently averaging a book a week). The afternoon was spent having lunch at one of the local restaurants (and evidently the cheapest by the number of cyclists we saw in there) and taking a hike up to the ruins of the old castle, where Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned during the Crusades for insulting the colors on the flag. The ruins had great views of the Danube and the surrounding villages.

All in all, just a relaxing day and a great chance to see one of the villages along the Danube. I can certainly how the cyclists enjoy biking from town to town, seeking out cool shops and restaurants and just enjoying the beautiful view. And yes, we did have a chance to restock on the liqueur; now we just have to figure out how to keep it in one piece in our bags!


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