Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hot New Posts!

So while all of you have been slaving away at your cubes, corner offices, home offices, etc., the two of us have been hunched over keyboards in scary gaming facilities surrounded by teenage boys shooting things to bring you new exciting posts! Yes, we've finally got the procrastinating out of the way (and are taking advantage of our last shot at cheap internet before re-entering western europe) and we've got new posts up for Auschwitz, Budapest, Vienna, Cesky Krumlov (and also re-edited and added photos to the Opera Post..Kill the Wabbit) with a few interesting side trips thrown in for good measure. (Plus Becca was able to upload a bushel of new pics on Flickr.)

We apologize in advance for the length of some of the posts (let alone the length of all of them put it in sections); methinks I've been reading a bit too much of this guy. Hey, at least I'm not putting footnotes in my posts...

Hope all is well for everyone no matter what side of the pond they're on. In Prague currently and off to the Alps tomorrow for two weeks or so of hot hiking action. We may or may not have much internet access during that time...


Brian & Becca

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Anonymous said...

The grueling hours at the internet connections are much appreciated. Have enjoyed reading the latest entries. Can't wait for more pictures.