Monday, July 04, 2005

And we only bought one...

In between hikes in Balestrand, we took the ferry out to the Fjaerland fjord, home of the Jostedal glacier (the glacier is one the far left and the right middle). The Jostedal glacier is the largest in Europe and from a distance it was quite an impressive sight. We decided not to take the tour up to it (mainly b/c the tour only allowed 15-20 minutes at the actual glacier itself though having the cost equal 2x what we paid for the ferry over didn't help). The ferry ride was enough for us anyway, it was wonderfully relaxing to be sitting watching the views as we slowly (especially compared to the express boats) glided by waterfalls, and little hamlets on the shoreline dwarfed by the mountains, and huge cliff faces.

Instead we explored the town of Fjaerland (aka Mundial) and it's 2.5 miles of books (nested in bookshelves in nooks and crannies of 30+ used bookstores). I'd hate to be the person who had to measure that but they weren't kidding. Here's the map of all the stores in town. Needless to say this town's calling card as Norway's "Book Town" is well deserved. Becca managed to drag Brian away from the used book stores enough to go for a walk to the end of this fjord arm and back, meeting up with the rest of the crowd coming back from the glacier tour at the ferry.

As the title of the post hinted though, thankfully we're packing light. Despite the heavy amount of Swedish titles, we definitely found more than enough books to keep us busy for the rest of the trip. As it was, it was one so-so paperback for Becca and back onto the boat to Balestrand!

During the trip home the weather clouded up and gave us much different views of the same awesome scenery, and scenery.

PS Becca highly recommends you DO NOT read this book . Her quote was something along the lines of "this isn't going to even set the Irish literary world on fire"

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