Monday, July 11, 2005

And they say the Swedes are leggy...

From the politically incorrect desk (aka some internet/gaming facility with house techno blasting along while 20ish Estonians play shoot-em-up games) of Brian Davis.

You always hear how Swedes are the be all and end all of genetic engineering. After 30+ hours in Estonia I'd have to beg to differ. We saw plenty of attractive Swedes in Stockholm but the women here in Estonia have LONG legs. The Daisy Dukes/short skirts obviously help accentuate the look but it's like all Estonian women were hung upside down from birth or something.

Both Becca and I feel like dirty old curmudgeons but we've lost count on how many times we've just done the double-take as a local walks by.

And for you dirty men out there... no pics for you!


(ed. note from Becca: this is not just Brian letting his hormones talk for him. The women have UNBELIEVABLY long legs here, and since you can see pretty much all of them (since the shorts/skirts are so short) they look even longer. Definitely some nice (or at least interesting) scenery)

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Anonymous said...

No pictures of legs, and no pictures of Becca's eye swollen shut. I think we are starting to understand which one of you has the camera!
Also, when your blog entries are written in third person, does that mean that both of you are writing, or is that just Becca's style? Brian seems to write in first person when he makes an entry. Overall, great job with the blog, it's a nice escape from my cubicle at work.