Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Welcome to Copenhagen!

We've spent a week or so here in Copenhagen visting our friends the Sarbaek/Rasmussens. Weather has been glorious so we've been able to spend the weekend doing things like playing croquet. Copenhagen has special meaning for both of us; Becca spent a semester here while at Carleton (where she lived with our friends) and this was my first foray into Europe a year and a half ago (the weather is slightly nicer this time around).

Basically, it's just been a great time to relax with friends and "family" with a little bit of sightseeing thrown in. Mostly, we've hung out in the backyard and practiced golf swings and enjoyed the view.

In other news, Monday was our wedding anniversary. Can't believe it's been a year since the big day. Despite a difficult year, we're both still very happy and looking forward to celebrating the big day for years and years to come!

We decided that instead of going out to dinner to celebrate (we'll save that for Paris or someplace like that!) we would rather cook dinner for our family here to say thanks. Good idea....not the best implementation. We have a number of really good dishes that we make (yes, really!) but we aren't quite familiar enough with the proportions and all the ingredients to do it without a recipe. So for freelancing, we thought about steak or our favorite way to do salmon, but we decided to try and recreate an absolutely yummy greek pasta we had improvised at home.

In retrospect, cooking with unfamiliar ingredients, in an unfamiliar kitchen when you'd like to make something really nice for a group of people might not be the most relaxing way to spend an anniversary. Luckily we had a plan B (and even C!) which we had to pull out when it became clear part way through that our original meal wasn't turning out the way we had expected.

In all other ways, the meal was wonderful. Good friends, a beautiful table, a delicious traditional homemade Danish cake, and a lovely portrait of us. We couldn't have asked for more.

Now, on to Odense (Hans Christian Andersen's home town) to see Becca's friend and former teammate Michael, and then up to Norway.

The fam (minus two)
The gang


Anonymous said...

"Goddag"! What a wonderful 1st anniversary celebration! What great memories...and you have so many more to look forward to. Mogens & Grethe's home looks beautiful, and so peaceful. "Holde af" to you both!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how a year goes by so quickly... Hope you also got to celebrate with gifts of paper or time: http://www.romancestuck.com/ideas/anniversarygifts.htm