Tuesday, June 21, 2005

No sprouts here...

Palais du Roi
Palais du Roi,
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Brussels was our first actual sight seeing excursion. We went out on Thursday and spent the day touring Brussels. Besides being the political center of the European Union, Brussels has a number of interesting museums and centuries old architecture. Of course we didn't visit most of them, instead doing a bit of an alternative tour.

After taking a stroll around the Grand Place (the home of a number of beautiful buildings from the late 17th century) we did something a little different and visited the Museum of Musical Instruments in Brussels. It was quite an entertaining experience, complete with interactive locations where you could hear different pieces being played from the instruments in front of you. Definitely an experience worth having in Brussels. Otherwise we spent the rest of the day just walking around the town (going through a number of beautiful parks) and just soaking in the mix of ancient architecture and modern business that is Brussels.

PS Apologize for the previous abbreviated post; the internet cafes in Amsterdam are not very forgiving...

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