Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dateline Brugge

Just a quick note on our favorite location of the trip so far, Brugge. Located in western Belgium this Flemish (Belgian version of Dutch) speaking town is a very relaxing place to spend a few days and evidently quite popular amongst the european tourists (as seen by the huge number of them around town). We spent the night at 't Geerwijn bed and breakfast, which was nice though our top level room was very hot (not surprising given the 35 degree temp during the day). Otherwise it was a lot of wandering around the very old and scenic downtown and a very educational trip to the Straffe Hendrik brewery (where even Becca sampled the product) before heading off to Amsterdam. Brian was even able to take care of his frites fix. Overall Brugge is a wonderful place to just kick back and take an actual vacation (vs. seeing important sight after important sight). On to Amsterdam!


Anonymous said...

That pic of Becca drinking the beer... her hat looks like something out of Tron (the movie).


mmmmm, real belgian beer... halalamph... [/homer]

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it just has to be about the food and drink!